1 min read 06 Aug 2021

Star Stuff: Electronic Focusing for your telescope

Astrophotographer Dylan O'Donnell shares his thoughts on using the ZWO Electronic Auto Focuser (EAF), demonstrating installation and its capabilities. 


Dylan discusses the benefits of using the ZWO Electronic Auto Focuser (EAF) to aid with imaging, walking through the installation process of the device onto his telescope and showcasing the results.


Astrophotographer Dylan O'Donnell shares his knowledge, tips, and tricks in his Star Stuff video series, helping amateur astronomers around the world capture the cosmos using their home set-up, in addition to discussing and reviewing astrophotography gear.

Dylan writes for Celestron & Photographing Space, shoots for Deography photo blog from Australia's most eastern observatory in Byron Bay, and provides science outreach for schools and students.

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