2 mins read 24 Jun 2020

Space Science Communication... and Tik Tok? (with Kirsten Banks)

Space Science Communication... and Tik Tok? (with Kirsten Banks)


In this episode, I chat with science communicator and astrophysicist Kirsten Banks. Kirsten is currently undertaking a PhD at UNSW in astrophysics. She is passionate about increasing the representation of women in science, and as a proud Wiradjuri woman often speaks on TV, radio, and at public events about aboriginal astronomy. Kirsten was the winner of the CSIRO Indigenous STEM Award in 2018 and spoke at TEDx Youth @ Sydney in 2019.

I was super excited to catch up with Kirsten over a cup of tea via Zoom to talk about her Ph.D. research and career, and to chat about flat earthers, tik tok, and the good (and bad) of being young women on the internet.

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