3 mins read 06 Feb 2020

Space Agency invites industry consultation for Return To Moon Mission

Consultation sessions to be held in Capital cities across Australia for space industry feedback in Australia’s role across NASA’s return to Moon and Mars missions.

Artist illustration of Lunar Gateway station. Credit: Nathan Kogo/NASASpaceflight.

The Australian Space Agency has invited the space industry to provide feedback and input into the design of the $150 million investment initiative the Government will make, aimed at supporting local businesses and supply chains participating in NASA’s upcoming return to Moon and Mars missions.

The Agency is seeking consideration of the proposed objectives, delivery framework and potential areas of investment which will develop Australia’s industry and inspire the public – and will be hosting sessions in February and March in Capital cities across Australia.

Head of the Australian Space Agency Dr. Megan Clark AC said the Moon to Mars initiative will fast-track the growth of Australia’s space industry through a range of grant opportunities.

“By supporting the growth and transformation of industries across the economy, the investment will create jobs in Australia, boost emerging and existing industry capabilities, and inspire the next generation,” Dr. Clark said.

“Australia has a range of capabilities that can support international space activities. The investment will provide a path for Australian businesses to secure a bigger share of the global space market and show the world we are ready for investment.

“Importantly, these investments are being made here in Australia and will benefit other areas of our economy. For example, new space technologies like advanced communications will have the ability to improve communications here on Earth, and new robotic and automation techniques can be used in areas beyond the space sector.

The Moon to Mars initiative is a $150 million investment over five years to:

  • provide an opportunity to showcase to the world Australia’s best ideas and technologies that can support space missions to the Moon and on to Mars
  • fuel the growth of Australian businesses so they can thrive in international space supply chains that support Moon to Mars activities
  • create jobs and support the transformation of industries across Australia

Attendees can register at the following events (listed on Eventbrite):

The initiative was announced in September 2019, and at the time Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews said this was a milestone moment for the booming Australian space industry, but would also benefit everyday Australians.

“This agreement is all about opportunity, for us to take the Australian space sector to the next level, grow our economy and create new local jobs,” Minister Andrews said.

“Space also drives technology which has a profound and everyday impact on the lives of Australians – from disaster management to help farmers better manage their land and predict drought, through to improving GPS.