3 mins read 12 Jan 2021

Kirsten Banks joins

Astrophysicist Kirsten Banks is joining the team and adding a new dimension on catching space news via Tik Tok!

A new year has started, and we’re really excited to announce that Astrophysicist and proud Wiradjuri woman, Kirsten Banks, is joining the ranks of our team as our resident SpaceAus Tik Toker.

Kirsten will be summarising snippets of interesting news from across the Australian and New Zealand space communities and adding her contemporary touch through the Tik Tok account on the video-sharing social platform.

“I’ve had a lot of fun creating space content on TikTok over 2020 and I think expanding this into the community will make it all the more fun!”

Over the last few years, Kirsten has taken space news to the online masses, shared some amazing space facts with some hilarity attached, and supported many minority causes through her social media platforms - in particular Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok.

Whilst some of the bigger platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been around for some time, Tik Tok is a relative newcomer to the world stage - and provides users with the ability to create short-form video content across a number of genres like education, comedy, dance routines, and advertising. 

“TikTok can be such a wild card and that’s what makes it so exciting. You never know where your video is going to go, the chances of your content going global is incredibly high on TikTok!”

Kirsten sharing her passion for science with young scientists at Sydney Observatory.

Along with her meteoric rise on social media, Kirsten is currently working through her Scientia Ph.D. with the University of NSW, researching stars which have finished burning on the main sequence and transitioning through to the later phases of their lives - helping paint a better picture of our Galaxy’s archeological history. 

Additionally, Kirsten has also released a paper (with University of Melbourne Associate Professor Duane Hamacher) detailing the Planets as observed by Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island astronomers - who were the first astronomers.

“Astronomical traditions run deep in the continent now referred to as Australia. Our culture has been alive for over 65,000 years and our understanding of the night sky is deep and complex, what’s not to be fascinated by?!”

Kirsten is no stranger to the media landscape, having appeared previously on episodes of ABC’s QandA, The Drum, several radio gigs, a TEDx talk, and numerous articles in other publications such as COSMOS and The Guardian. Not to mention, a regular podcast (called ‘The Skyentists’) with fellow astrophysicist Dr. Ángel López-Sánchez that features on

The whole team is really excited to have Kirsten on board, and are looking forward to seeing the fun space content throughout this year. 

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