2 mins read 21 Apr 2022

Gilmour Space and LatConnect 60 to Develop Satellite Constellation

Gilmour Space Technologies and LatConnnect 60 have announced that they are teaming up to build and launch an eight-satellite constellation that will perform frequent revisit data capture. 

Adam Gilmour, CEO & Founder, Gilmour Space (left), and Venkat Pillay, CEO & Founder, LatConnect 60 (right), announce agreement at 2022 Space Symposium. Credit: Gilmour Space and LatConnect 60.

Australian companies Gilmour Space Technologies and LatConnect 60 (LC60) have teamed up to build and launch the first microsatellite in a planned high-resolution hyperspectral imaging constellation. The constellation, HyperSight 60, will be used to cultivate timely information for agriculture, forestry, environmental, mineral/oil and gas, climate change, maritime, and defence applications. This agreement was announced jointly by the companies at the 37th Space Symposium in Colorado. 

“For HyperSight 60 and other planned LC60 constellations, our unique approach to onboard AI sensors, combined with advanced data fusion on the ground, will fill gaps in the insights that can be gleaned from current remote sensing systems,” said Venkat Pillay, LC60 CEO and Founder.

The satellites will be placed in 30-degree inclined orbits to capture data over the Earth’s equatorial and mid-latitude regions. In total eight satellites will make up the HyperSight 60 constellation, which will perform frequent revisit data capture - the repeated capturing of data of the same location within short time intervals. An hourly revisit rate will be possible at mid-latitude locations between 30 degrees north and south in Australia, Asia, South America, and Africa. 

“HyperSight 60 will deliver geospatial insights for mid-latitude areas at a level of detail and frequency not possible with other commercial remote sensing systems,” said Pillay. “The addition of Gilmour Space to the LC60 team contributes significantly to the future success of our ambitious plans.”

Under the agreement with LC60, Queensland-based Gilmour Space will develop the first 100-kilogram HyperSight 60 satellite on its G-class satellite bus (G-Sat). The satellite will be launched on Gilmour’s Eris rocket from the Bowen Orbital Spaceport in Queensland, which is well-located to place satellites into equatorial and mid-inclined orbits. 

“This agreement would be our second G-class satellite mission on Eris, and we’re excited to be working with the pioneering team at LC60 to bring this significant capability to market,” said Gilmour Space CEO, Adam Gilmour.

The first HyperSight 60 microsatellite is planned for launch in Q4 2024.