2 mins read 03 Mar 2022

Australian Space Industry Supergroup ADISCA Announced

Australian Space Industry leaders have formed a supergroup as part of a Defence collaboration announced at the 13th Australian Space Forum in Adelaide.  

Credit: Inovor Technologies.

In an exciting new announcement, it has been revealed that eight Australian-owned space and defence companies have teamed up to form a collective called The Australian Defence Industry Space Capability Alliance (or ADISCA for short). The companies that form ADISCA will collaborate to collectively deliver on all of the Defence Force’s Sovereign Industry Capability Priorities for space. 

Meet the Team

Representatives from the eight member companies at the ADISCA opening ceremony. Credit: ADISCA.

ADISCA debuted at the 13th Australian Space Forum today in Adelaide, where the collaborating companies were announced. The ADISCA members are DEWC Systems, Gilmour Space Technologies, Inovor Technologies, Neumann Space, Nova Systems, Southern Launch, REDARC Defence Systems, and Space Machines Company.

DEWC Systems, REDARC Defence Systems and Nova Systems provide various solutions for the defence industry. Gilmour Space and Southern Launch are both launch services providers. And Inovor Technologies, Neumann Space, and Space Machines Company are all spacecraft developers and innovators. 

 The collective capabilities of the ADISCA membership include:

  • Launch vehicle design and manufacture

  • Space vehicle design and manufacture

  • Payload design and manufacture

  • In-space propulsion

  • In-space transportation

  • Launch services, and Mission control services

  • Supporting Commercial, Civil and Defence sectors. 

A Sovereign Collaboration

Credit: ADISCA.

ADISCA spokesperson Ian Spencer, Chief Executive Officer at DEWC Systems commented on the importance of the formation of ADISCA.

“ADISCA members are leading the development of cutting-edge space and defence technologies that can, and should, be utilised by the Commonwealth to advance Australia’s strategic interests in space,” said Mr Spencer.

“ADISCA is a genuine sovereign collaboration in response to the Commonwealth’s call for Australian industry to provide its expertise to further our nation’s interests in space.

“We look forward to Defence engaging with our highly skilled Australian consortium to prime upcoming Defence-related space projects.”

Mr Spencer went on further: “Between the ADISCA companies, we employ many of the brightest people in technology and business in Australia.

“We are key contributors to the advancement of the Australian Civil Space Sector Strategy which aims to triple the size of the sector to $12 billion and create an additional 20,000 jobs over the next decade.

“ADISCA members look forward to playing our part in Australia’s Defence future in space.”