2 mins read 31 Jan 2020

Astrophiz 81: Dr. Ivy Wong - Star Formation & Galaxy Evolution

Astrophiz 81: Dr. Ivy Wong - Star Formation, Galaxy Evolution & Radio Galaxy Zoo


Today we are speaking with Dr. Ivy Wong, who researches supermassive black holes, star formation and the evolution of galaxies. Her research is sensational and you will love the questions she asks about galaxy evolution and how she goes about answering those brilliant questions. As one of the initial co-leaders of the Radio Galaxy Zoo project she also gives us the heads-up on this fantastic opportunity for Citizen Scientists all around the globe.

Then for observers and astrophotographers Dr. Ian ‘Astroblog’ Musgrave, in ‘What’s Up Doc’, tells us what to look for in the morning, evening & night skies. And then Ian takes us on an astronomical tangent to talk about how other planets in our solar system have meteor showers and how exoplanet discoveries using Kepler and TESS has led to the discovery of exocomets and the likelihood of exoplanet meteor showers.


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