1 min read 30 Oct 2020

Astrophiz 115: Rami Mandow - Planet X

Astrophiz 115: Rami Mandow - Finding Planet X, social media and studying astrophysics.


Our featured guest for November is the fabulous Rami Mandow, the founder of SpaceAustralia.com, the creator of an amazing Citizen Science project that has teams from all over the world constructing amateur radio telescopes and Rami is also doing his Masters in Astronomy and Astrophysics at Swinburne University.

In this episode, we are treated his research into the existence (or not) of Planet X and we hear hints about the release of his Parkes Pulsar timing research with prominent astrophysicists from Swinburne.

Rami also gives us the inside story on ‘science and social media’ and his special mate Max.   


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