2 mins read 13 Oct 2020

The Overview Effect

29 OCTOBER 2020 | 6:00PM - 7:30PM

For those lucky few people who travel into space and get a chance to look back upon our beautiful, home spaceship - the Earth - it is said that they experience a cognitive shift, seeing the world as one, and placing everything into perspective. This is known as the 'Overview Effect'. But is it really all wonder or does it ring alarm bells?

Credit: DSCOVR:EPIC/Twitter.


When humans first set off for the Moon with the Apollo program, and in particular the Apollo 8 mission, they were profoundly moved by what they saw.

They'd been further than any human in the history of our planet and were approaching a new world - but it was what they left behind that really changed their perspective. From a distance, they saw our home - spaceship Earth - "hanging in the void".

This was the first time someone had described the term the "Overview Effect" - a cognitive state of awareness only acquired when being so far away from the Earth itself, that one becomes overwhelmed by its beauty, fragility and loneliness in the darkness of space. When you're far enough from home, you really get a sense of appreciating it.

But not everyone has the same experience of the Overview Effect. For some, it brought fear and overwhelming feelings of alienation and isolation. 

We're very excited to be collaborating with the Moon Village Association, to bring together a range of speakers to talk about the wonders of the Overview Effect. 


Liza Koumi- Moon Village Payloads Project Manager, Space projects engineer, and International Space University Alumni

Philippe Van Nedervelde- Award winning VR creator, Advocate for Spaceflight and Futurist.

Alice Gorman a.k.a Dr Space Junk -Space Archaeologist, Heritage consultant and Board member of the Space Industry Assocation of Australia and Space4women.

Carley Scott- CEO of Equitorial Launch Australia- Australia's Spaceport at 12 Degrees, Board of Space Industry Association of Australia and CSIRO's Advanced Manufacturing Academy. .

Dr Sarah Jane Pell - Analogue astronaut , Award winning Artist, Researcher.

And the event is being moderated by SpaceAustralia.com's writer and medical researcher, Vienna Tran.

Supplied through MVA Payload.

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