2 mins read 17 Feb 2020


1:00PM | 17 FEB 2020
University of Sydney, Sydney

GomSpace platforms, missions, and space trends in Europe


This discussion will cover GomSpace Cubesat platforms in general. GomSpace is a Cubesat provider that also has its own satellite missions and we will take a closer look at the current GOMX-4 and coming GOMX-5 missions during this talk. Recently GomSpace has won a number of ESA missions, some for deep space and visiting asteroids with CubeSats. The presentation will be rounded off with a view on the space trends in Europe and what will be the focus for the coming years.


Dennis Elgaard has a Master's degree in Computer Science from Aalborg University in Denmark. For the past 25 years, he has been in and out of the space and telecommunications business. His first encounter with space was when working for ESA in the mid-nineties on the architecture and design of the ESA SCOS-2000, a Satellite Control Operating System that is still being used today by ESA in the control room. After this followed a decade in telecommunications with a design house developing protocols and hardware for wireless system, i.e. Bluetooth, DECT, GSM, and TDS-CDMA.

It was in this period the engineering department was exchanged with a place in business development and sales. In 2014 Dennis moved to GomSpace to undertake the challenge of CubeSats. At that time GomSpace was less than 20 people and over the years we have grown into a considerable player in the CubeSat community employing 175 across three locations in Europe.

Getting There

RC Mills Building (A26)
Mills Lecture Room 209
Fisher Road, The University of Sydney

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