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Cosmos Briefing: Building Australia’s Space Industry

25 FEB 2021 | 3:00PM - 3:45PM AEDT

Australian space community experts are coming together to discuss Australia's future in space. Hosted by Prof. Alan Duffy. 


It has been two years since the official launch of the Australian Space Agency. While the Agency is still young, it has opened exciting doors for the nation from fast-growing startups to multi-national collaborations. 

In our Cosmos Briefing on Thursday, 25th February, we will discuss how Australia’s space industry is expanding, what we can do to stay competitive, and how to maximise the benefits of the private industry alongside government at the final frontier.

Join host Professor Alan Duffy of the Royal Institution of Australia with Dr Cassandra Steer, Adam Gilmour, and Aude Vignelles.

To join us for the 45-minute session, beginning at 3pm AEDT, please register below.


Dr Cassandra Steer
Mission Specialist & Senior Lecturer - ANU

Dr. Cassandra Steer is a Mission Specialist with the ANU Institute of Space (InSpace), and a Senior Lecturer at the College of Law specialising in space law, space security and international law. Dr. Steer has more than a decade of international experience teaching at universities in Australia, Europe, North America and South America, and brings a comparative perspective to all her research and teaching.

Adam Gimour
CEO & Co-Founder - Gilmour Space

Adam Gilmour is the CEO and Co-founder of Gilmour Space, a venture-funded space technology and rocket company in Queensland that will be launching small satellites to orbit from 2022. A lifelong space fan, Adam believes that rockets can be made smaller, cheaper, faster, and that the New Space industry, and Australia, would benefit greatly from having more dedicated access to space.

Aude Vignelles
Chief Technology Officer - Australian Space Agency

Aude Vignelles is the Chief Technology Officer of the Australian Space Agency. As part of the senior executive team, Aude leads and is responsible for writing the civil space strategy roadmaps, scoping and managing the Agency’s space programs and delivering on domestic and international activities. She provides an in-depth understanding of the national and international space industry, program management expertise and a breadth of space science or systems engineering skills.

Professor Alan Duffy (Moderator)
Director - Swinburne Space Technology And Industry Institute

Alan Duffy is the Lead Scientist of the Royal Institution of Australia and astronomer at Swinburne University of Technology, Professor Alan Duffy is the inaugural Director of the Space Technology and Industry Institute at Swinburne, finding ways to use space to help companies and communities on Earth. Prof. Duffy will also be the moderator for this event. 


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COSMOS Briefing - Building Australia's Space Industry - What are the benefits?